Presentation of the latest packaging solutions at Hispack 2018


At Hispack 2018 in Barcelona, MSK Emballage, French subsidiary of the international manufacturer of packaging machines MSK Covertech Group has introduced its latest solutions of pallet packaging with stretch and shrink hooding. Numerous customers and sales leads have appreciated the highest load stability of the pallets compared with the spiral stretch wrapping technique, made possible by the latest MSK pallet packaging techniques and developments. Particularly the stretch hooding with the unique process of vertical stretch and the specific film gathering (both patented processes) allowing the improvement of the load stability and the use of the thinnest films (starting with 20 microns).

Thanks to the MSK packaging processes, pallets are also protected on their five sides against humidity, dusts, outside weather conditions, and are optimally visible by customers at the same time. In addition, MSK proven benefits with stretch or shrink hood are energy and material savings, for example use of strapping, hood frame or protection corners are not anymore necessary. 

The visualization system EMSY facilitates communication between the operator  and machine. The system has been developed by MSK since 15 years and has highly interested the visitors who could appreciate its simplicity and its user-friendliness thanks to a demo version on the MSK booth. The current version EMSY 5.4 offers among others: a graphic interface 3D/2D, a pre-visualization of the movements in manual mode, a technical assistance including pictures and comments, as well as the management of the production and operation statistics.

Following up the exhibition, several packaging trials of pallets are scheduled in the MSK customer center in Reyrieux (France) with customer products from different industries e.g. chemical, building, food, logistics etc.

Visitors to the MSK exhibition stand got also information about the complete MSK product portfolio including automatic palletizers and de-palletizers, unwrapping machines, as well as pallet conveying systems.

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